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  • California State Library
  • Amelia Davis at American Civics exhibit
  • American Civics exhibit
  • Amelia Davis at American Civics exhibit
Exhibit Date(s): 
Thursday, February 1, 2018

This exhibit is ongoing.

A gift to the people of California, the American Civics series is a momentous addition to the California State Library’s collection. Jim Marshall's powerful black-and-white images highlighting five social justice issues in '60s connect us to our shared history. At the same time, Shepard Fairey's stunning reinterpretations of those images remind us how relevant the messaging is today.

This art will be on permanent display in the second floor conference room, where it can be visited by school groups, researchers learning about California history, and the public at large.

Fro more information about the American Civics series, please visit

Read the press release from the California State LIbrary below.