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The Haight book cover

Publishers Weekly: "The Haight," a gorgeous collection of photographs.

This gorgeous collection of photographs (most of them black and white), by one of the pioneers of rock photography, documents the epicenter of the countercultural revolution: San Francisco's Haight District in the mid- to late-1960s. Images of protesters and everyday residents of the Haight mingle with candid shots of cultural icons such as Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan conversing in the alley behind the City Lights bookstore, or the Grateful Dead performing at Trips Festival. The photos are, for the most part, arranged in chronological order, enabling readers to witness the optimism that was embodied by the rise of the hippie movement, as well as its grim decline. Selvin (Summer of Love), an author and longtime pop music reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, accompanies Marshall's remarkable photographs with a narrative that provides even greater insight into the era. This is a truly remarkable effort sure to resonate among culture hounds and music fans alike. (Oct.)

Reviewed on 03/06/2015 | Details & Permalink