From KPIX-5, an interview with Berkeley journalism professor Ken Light about the  documentary "Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall."

The amazing life of legendary photographer Jim Marshall comes into sharp focus in the acclaimed documentary Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall. Told through hundreds of images of his iconic photos and interviews with his famous and not-so-famous subjects of his photos and friends and associates, the film is a poignant profile of a brilliant, complex and, at times, volatile man.

Stories behind Jim Marshall's enduring iconic images are retold by Amelia Davis, Jim's longtime assistant and owner of Jim Marshall Photography LLC in a special #LeicaConversations, hosted by SmugMug+Flickr's Alastair Jolly.

"The word legacy comes to mind when we think of the life and work of Jim Marshall. Unparalleled access to icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding and Johnny Cash bestow a distinction no other photographer can claim: a non-performance Grammy! In this discussion his former assistant and current owner of the Jim Marshall estate, Amelia Davis, shares lively stories of this celebrated icon."

A Zoom event.

Take a trip back 50 years to Woodstock through the lens of Jim Marshall’s camera. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame commemorates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with the exhibition “Woodstock at 50,” which in addition to peace, love, and music, features many of Jim’s iconic images of the event, including a series of rare prints produced from his archives that are not, and will not, be exhibited elsewhere.

Jump into the wild and crazy world of legendary photographer Jim Marshall through the words and pictures in a new book from publisher Chronicle Books.

“Jim Marshall Show Me the Picture” is the compelling story of the acclaimed but troubled photojournalist as told by some of the people who knew him best. The book is richly illustrated with a compilation of Marshall's quintessential images and many never-before-published photos that reflect his interests in cultural and social issues, beyond the music photography for which Marshall is best known.

KRON's Marty Gonzalez interviews "Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall" executive producer Amelia Davis and director Alfred George Baily about the legendary photographer and the documenatry film about his life, which was an official selection of the SFFilm Festival.

KPIX's Molly McCrea and Ken Bastida report on Amelia Davis's interview about Jim Marshall, the legendary photography and photojournalist— and his notoriety, which are explored in the documentary "Show Me the PIcture: The Story of Jim Marshall," an official selection of the SFFilm Festival.

Love. Haight. War. Peace. Protest. Civil rights. Social injustice. Assassination.

SHOW ME THE PICTURE: THE STORY OF JIM MARSHALL documentary executive producer Amelia Davis and director Alfred George Bailey talk up the film and Jim’s life and legacy in an interview by Matthew Carey for, recorded during the SXSW Festival 2019, where the documentary had its world premiere.