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22 November 2013
By m3jimphoto
November 22, 2013

Where Jim Marshall Was the Day JFK Was Shot

John F. Kennedy’s death was officially announced at 1:33pm Texas time on November 22, 1963, 50 years ago today.  We present here, for the first time, an array of portraits that Jim Marshall captured shortly after the announcement hit the streets.

On that Friday afternoon, Jim was in the Time-Life Building at Rockefeller Center (50th Street & 6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan) when the horrible news of the assassination became headlines.  What was he doing there that day at the center of one of the busiest corners in America’s melting pot?

1 August 2013
By m3jimphoto
August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jerry Garcia!

Jerry Garcia, who passed away in 1995, would have turned 71 years old today.  To celebrate his life and times we’ve gathered a handful of great images from Jim Marshall’s vast collection of Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead shots as a little JMPLLC tribute.

There are some other very cool things going on around town to celebrate Garcia’s legacy, the Grateful Dead and a social and musical phenomenon that was kickstarted in the ’60s and just seems to keep on truckin’.

7 June 2013
By m3jimphoto
June 7, 2013

Jim the Icon Maker and a New Exhibit: “The Art of the Album Cover”

Highlights from Jim Marshall’s legendary photo work for album packages (he shot more than 500 of them) are being featured along with two other classic photographers and “icon makers” – Joel Brodsky and Barry Feinstein – in a first-time exhibition of iconic album art at the San Francisco Art Exchange: 458 Geary St., 800.344.9633.  The must-see show opens this Saturday night, June 8, from 7 pm-10 pm. In conjunction with this exhibit, Jim Marshall Photography LLC is releasing four limited-edition estate prints in a series of 25 each.  The series is composed of  the Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia images that accompany this blog post and are some of the most iconic, and never before printed, of Jim’s album cover images.

18 April 2013
By m3jimphoto
April 18, 2013

More Jack Casady and Rare Jefferson Airplane, Please!

I was intrigued recently to note how “viral” Jim’s rare 1966 shot of Jack Casady, former Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna bassist, went after we posted it on the Jim Marshall Photography LLC Facebook page in honor of Casady’s 69th birthday on April 13. While it’s not too tough to predict that shots of Johnny Cash at Folsom or San Quentin or The Stones on their 1972 tour will gain huge amounts of “eyeballs & clicks,” sometimes there are sleeper images -- rare or never-before-seen photos -- whose popularity surprises and delights us no end.

28 March 2013
By m3jimphoto
March 28, 2013

Jim the Connoisseur

This week (March 24) marks the third year of Jim’s passing … and sometimes I still think I’ll pick up the phone and he’ll be yelling (affectionately) into my ear about what a pain in the ass I am, etc., etc. This time of year always gets me to thinking about how much I shared with him and how so many of those memories involved good food and, of course, drink.  More often than not, the drink was a fantastic bottle (or two) of wine, most likely a red of some sort from the Napa Valley. I’ve talked some about the tough times with Jim, how he was such a pain to deal with, his obsessions and passions, but there has been one passion that we really have only scratched the surface of: his love of fine wine, great bars and restaurants and his enduring, undying fear and loathing of onions.

7 March 2013
By m3jimphoto
March 7, 2013

From the Blog Archives: Favorite Johnny Cash Posts

In honor of Johnny Cash’s recent birthday (he would have been 81) I gathered some of my favorite Cash images (plus a proof sheet) featured in the JMPLLC blog over the past two years. Many of the images shown below were highlighted to promote his wildly successful book, “Pocket Cash”– the last book Jim Marshall approved before his death in March 2010.

14 February 2013
By m3jimphoto
February 14, 2013

Valentine’s from the JMPLLC Archives

What better way to celebrate February 14, the “official” day of love (in the U.S. anyway), than to focus on some of what we adore most here at Team Marshall: the lovely surprises and serendipitous gifts that await us when exploring Jim Marshall’s magnificent and still quite-mysterious photo archive. Jay Blakesberg, our archivist and head of North American licensing, discovered some beauties the other day when he unearthed the accompanying color slides of a shoot Jim did with the Grateful Dead in 1967.  The shot of the Dead (clockwise from left: Pigpen, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and Bob Weir) from underneath with Jim laying on the ground is rare enough, but the really amazing finds were the two other shots taken of Jim and the Dead while in the midst of the shoot.

31 January 2013
By m3jimphoto
January 31, 2013

Birthday Surprises and Super Sundays

It would have been Jim’s 77th birthday this Sunday, February 3, 2013. Notably, one of Jim’s favorite teams, the San Francisco 49ers, is in New Orleans preparing to take it to the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl (Go Niners!) this Sunday as well. All this synergy got me to thinking about birthdays past and one of the more super surprises I ever pulled off. Basically, I managed to crash Jim’s big 50th birthday celebration: a formal dinner at his favorite Marina restaurant, Mulhern’s, with dozens of his nearest and dearest friends in attendance. To throw him off the scent, I had told Jim repeatedly that I couldn't just drop everything and fly out from New York for his dumb old birthday, which really hurt his feelings. I pretended not to care.

17 January 2013
By m3jimphoto
January 17, 2013

Finding Connections Among the Gods & Icons

Looking back on the past two years that I’ve been lucky enough to blog on “all things Jim” for Team Marshall – this is the 66th blog I’ve posted in fact – I feel a host of emotions: shock at how much time has gone by, excitement at how much is still left to uncover ... and gratitude.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to explore the vast archive left behind by a photojournalist literally possessed by the need to capture the 20th century’s most important people and moments.

20 December 2012