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  • Tue, 11/24/2015
    Interview with Carlos Santana about "Jim Marshall Seen Through the Eyes of...

    From KPIX: Interview with Carlos Santana about his curated exhibit "Jim Marshall Seen Through the Eyes of Carlos Santana."  Curated by Santana, forty images, many on public display for the first time, are at Mumm Napa.

  • Carlos Santana decks
    Mon, 11/02/2015
    FTC Skateboarding, Jim Marshall Photography LLC and Carlos Santana Team Up for...

    FTC Skateboarding, Jim Marshall Photography LLC and Carlos Santana, in association with San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE), announce a new series of limited-collector-edition FTC skateboard deck sets showcasing influential images of music icon Carlos Santana taken at Woodstock by renowned rock photographer Jim Marshall.

    The decks will be released Friday, November 20 at FTC Skateboarding... more

  • Mike Bloomfield
    Thu, 10/15/2015
    In case you missed this … Jim Marshall, cultural icon

    The work of Jim Marshall, noted photographer and chronicler of music history, is much in demand in today's storytelling.

    The passage of time has been kind to the music, fashion and art of the music revolution, as evidenced by the recent resurgence of their influences in mainstream culture. Legendary musicians who have taken to the road once again—many, on nostalgic, commemorative tours—... more

  • Gold Ink logo
    Fri, 08/14/2015
    "The Haight" Wins 2015 Gold Ink Award

    In the print industry's most prestigious print competition, held by Gold Ink, "The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution" is a 2015 Gold Ink Award winner.


  • Johnny Cash flips the bird.
    Fri, 07/17/2015
    Leica Store San Francisco: The Photography of Jim Marshall

    In a not-to-be-missed experience, Leica Store San Francisco teams up with the estate of Jim Marshall to host an extensive gallery exhibition of Jim's work, including such gems as Johnny Cash flipping the bird during a San Quentin Prison show, Jimi Hendrix raising his fist during his appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival  and The Beatles at their last live concert, which took place at... more

    For more information about the exhibit, check out the gallery at Leica Store San Francisco.

  • PubWest logo
    Mon, 06/15/2015
    PubWest: "The Haight" is a 2015 Book Design Award Winner

    PubWest is a vibrant, dynamic trade association of small- and medium-sized book publishers, printers, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, binderies, and related editorial and service companies. Established in 1977 as the Rocky Mountain Book Publishers Association, PubWest is now dedicated to helping member book publishers succeed and has grown to include members in 31 states and 4... more

    Read more at PubWest

  • IPPY Gold Medal
    Fri, 05/15/2015
    "The Haight" Wins IPPY Gold Medal Award

    The Independent Publisher announced its 2015 Independent Publisher Regional and Ebook Awards, presented to the year's best titles, which include a Gold Medal to "The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution.

    The prestigious IPPY Awards recognize the deserving books published by independent authors and publishers. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, over 3... more

    Read more at Independent Publisher

  • Fri, 05/01/2015
    Midwest Book Review: The Haight

    Another rave review of "The Haight" (PDF version).

    PDF icon the_haight-mbr_.pdf


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