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  • Workers' Rights

    Workers' Rights

    Fri, 08/05/2016
    'If This Art Could Vote'

    Jim Marshall iconic photo of Cesar Chavez as interpreted by acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey in "Workers' Rights" is the first of 5 pieces from to be featured in Huffington Post's "If This Art Could Vote" - a collection of political art! Check out

    Debuting this summer, American Civics is the... more

  • "Jazz Festival" book cover
    Fri, 07/01/2016
    'Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall,' the definitive book on '60s jazz...


    Reel Art Press is proud to present Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall, a perfect tribute to the legendary photographer. Containing 95 percent previously unseen images, the book captures the freedom, the excitement and the intimacy of the Newport and Monterey Jazz Festivals of the 1960s. All of the Jazz Icons are here; Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie... more PDF icon Reel Art Press: The official press release

  • american civics: voting rights

    Interpretation of Marshall's 1964 photo of Fannie Lee Chaney, mother of slain civil rights activist James Chaney

    Fri, 05/06/2016
    Shepard Fairey and the Jim Marshall Estate Announce “American Civics”

    Shepard Fairey and the Jim Marshall Estate Announce “American Civics”

    Fairey interprets Marshall’s iconic photography with Fine Art Limited screen prints depicting social justice issues: Voting Rights, Mass Incarceration, Workers’ Rights, Gun Culture, and Two Americas

    Los Angeles, April 28, 2016: Debuting this summer, American Civics... more

  • Tue, 11/24/2015
    Interview with Carlos Santana about "Jim Marshall Seen Through the Eyes of...

    From KPIX: Interview with Carlos Santana about his curated exhibit "Jim Marshall Seen Through the Eyes of Carlos Santana."  Curated by Santana, forty images, many on public display for the first time, are at Mumm Napa.

  • Carlos Santana decks
    Mon, 11/02/2015
    FTC Skateboarding, Jim Marshall Photography LLC and Carlos Santana Team Up for...

    FTC Skateboarding, Jim Marshall Photography LLC and Carlos Santana, in association with San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE), announce a new series of limited-collector-edition FTC skateboard deck sets showcasing influential images of music icon Carlos Santana taken at Woodstock by renowned rock photographer Jim Marshall.

    The decks will be released Friday, November 20 at FTC Skateboarding... more

  • Mike Bloomfield
    Thu, 10/15/2015
    In case you missed this … Jim Marshall, cultural icon

    The work of Jim Marshall, noted photographer and chronicler of music history, is much in demand in today's storytelling.

    The passage of time has been kind to the music, fashion and art of the music revolution, as evidenced by the recent resurgence of their influences in mainstream culture. Legendary musicians who have taken to the road once again—many, on nostalgic, commemorative tours—... more