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5 July 2012
By m3jimphoto
July 5, 2012

JIM MARSHALL: The Rolling Stones and Beyond, NYC Exhibition Opens Tonight

A quick shout out to all you Jim Marshall and Rolling Stones devotees out there, especially in the NY-NJ Metro area.  Tonight in New York City at the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea, Jim Marshall’s much-anticipated Rolling Stones and Beyond exhibition opens with a reception from 6 p.m to 8 p.m.

The details:

Steven Kasher Gallery
521 W. 23rd St.,
New York, NY 10011
Opening Reception: July 5, 6-8pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm

14 June 2012
By m3jimphoto
June 14, 2012

From Jim's Personal Album Collection: The Early Covers

After Jim passed away – it’s hard to believe he’s been gone more than two years now – it was left to Amelia Davis and Bonita Passarelli to deal with the sudden grief, the business particulars and challenges and, most importantly, hunker down to protect his legacy. First and foremost, that legacy hinged on his body of work and archive, but the work also included all of Jim’s personal effects, his gear and his treasured belongings and collections, including a rather eclectic collection of nearly 1,000 albums that highlighted many of his personal greatest hits, so to speak.

31 May 2012
By m3jimphoto
May 31, 2012

Carlos Santana, Guitar Great

I’m rounding up our final Carlos Santana-centric blog this month focusing on the skill that got him his first notice, his riveting, instantly recognizable guitar playing and improvising. One of the many things that distinguished Jim’s talent as a photographer, especially in his early years, was his extraordinary knack for recognizing talent very early, gaining the trust of those talented artists and musicians, and forging lifelong connections and collaborations with them.

17 May 2012
By m3jimphoto
May 17, 2012

More Carlos Santana: Before the World Knew His Music

“It’s time for people to realize that we are all mixed up inside.  That is why there is so much diversity on my records.  I can relate to so many cultures and I want that to be reflected in my music.”  — Carlos Santana

3 May 2012
By m3jimphoto
May 3, 2012

Carlos Santana, Supernatural Supernova

For the month of May we’re going to focus on Jim’s relationship, both in front of and behind the camera, with one of the San Francisco music scene’s most enduring stars: Carlos Santana.

Throughout the highs and lows, thicks and thins of life with Jim, there can be no dispute that Carlos always stood by him; a great and loyal friend. I can speak to this directly because I saw it up close and personal.

19 April 2012
By m3jimphoto
April 19, 2012

Monterey Jazz Festival, 1963: It's About Family

Today’s blog wraps up our coverage of Jim’s early work covering jazz, specifically as the official photographer of the Monterey Jazz Festival of 1963.  The more I’ve looked at and studied this early work of Jim's, the more I see how he was intent on making connections and creating a sense of intimacy, a feeling of family.  I always chalked his fascination with family up to Jim’s fraught childhood, his black sheep status and how upset he remained throughout his whole life over his lack of siblings. I think that was a big reason why he was always moved so profoundly when presented with the opportunity to document moments of love and bonding that occurred among intimates, strangers and clans alike.  And this lead shot of the Teagarden family is a  wonderful example.

5 April 2012
By m3jimphoto
April 5, 2012

Monterey Jazz Festival 1963, Backstage and Beyond

By 1963 Jim was living in NYC and enjoying one of his most productive periods as a photojournalist, specializing in documenting all genres of entertainers and beyond.  However, the Monterey Jazz Festival of that year managed to lure him back home to Northern California with the prospect of once-again serving as the festival’s official photographer. Jim had been the official photographer at the 1960 festival as well, which I focused on in the these past two blogs:
Monterey Jazz Festival, 1960
More Monterey Jazz Festival, 1960

22 March 2012
By m3jimphoto
March 22, 2012

More Monterey Jazz Festival, 1960

“You’ve got to find a way of saying it without saying it.” – Duke Ellington Jim’s output from his initial foray to the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1960 was so prolific we needed to split it into two batches, leaving some of the heavier hitters and headliners for this week’s blog. And, at the time, who was heavier than Duke Ellington?

8 March 2012
By m3jimphoto
March 8, 2012

Monterey Jazz Festival, 1960

There is so much of Jim’s early work to love and find inspiring, but for me the real power and passion lies in the body of work he created in the early ’60s documenting the jazz greats, their supporting casts, adoring fans and even the tools of their trade. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on his exemplary work capturing the Monterey Jazz Festival in its nascent days, specifically his body of work from the 1960 and 1963 festivals, which bookended his intensely productive sojourn in New York City.