Jim Marshall (Photo credit: Jim Britt)

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James Joseph Marshall (February 3, 1936 – March 24, 2010) was a photographer, often of rock stars. He had extended access to numerous musicians through the 1960s and 1970s, including being backstage at The Beatles' final concert in San Francisco's Candlestick Park, and chief photographer at Woodstock.

Johnny Cash exhibit, in Bologna


Sharing the fascinating legacy of Jim Marshall with the world, we have traveled to Italy to present an exhibit of his work at Ono Arte Contemporanea in Bologna from May 9 to June 20, 2013. More information is at http://www.onoarte.com.

Jim Marshall tee

Jim Marshall Clothing: Official clothing of the legendary photographer.

Keith Richards, 1972


Johnny Cash, from "Pocket Cash"

JOHNNY CASH EXHIBIT in Edinburgh in 2012.

"A Hero of the True West, Photographs of Johnny Cash by Jim Marshall" made its first appearance in Scotland, at Summerhall, from October 6 through November 24, and included a selection of never-before-seen images of Johnny Cash from the final book developed with Jim Marshall, "Pocket Cash."

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger in the recording studio, 1972

Summer 2012 GALLERY EXHIBIT in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE) hosted an exciting exhibit of Jim Marshall's Rolling Stones images, focusing on shots taken while Jim was on assignment for LIFE in 1972.

Demonstrating his trademark "All Access" style, Jim captured the group both in the studio, while they put the finishing touches on their landmark double album "Exile on Main Street," and onstage, with incredible performance shots during the West Coast leg of their blockbuster U.S. Tour that summer.

Mick Jagger, cover Life magazine, 1972

Time Warner News (NY1): New music photography show in Chelsea.

Music lovers may want to head to a new music photography show in Chelsea in a "jumpin' jack flash," because it covers a musical milestone for rock and roll's original bad boys, The Rolling Stones. NY1's Arts reporter Stephanie Simon filed the following report.

Mick Jagger on an airplane, 1972

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: In 50 years, the Rolling Stones have travelled from the counter-culture to become a multimillion dollar global brand.

Rolling Stones onstage, 1972

ELLE: See new photos of Mick Jagger by Jim Marshall.

MIck Jagger backstage, 1972

Vulture: See Long-Lost Shots of the Rolling Stones in the Exile on Main St. Era.